Who is Ekorn Creative?

Specializing in branding and package design, I stepped away from a career as an Art Director at a design and branding agency to start Ekorn Creative. I’m passionate about helping craft and evolve brands that influence and inspire. So after 8 years in the biz, Ekorn Creative was born. Working together we’ll take a thoughtful approach to build a cutting-edge brand strategy and an identity system that connects with consumers.

Whether we stay together for years to come or if you’re just passing through, you can be confident that you’ll have the tools to maintain the brand we’ve worked so hard to build. Let’s make your brand stand out, be unforgettable and become a premium lifestyle brand.


Would you go on a second date with me?

Don’t laugh, it’s a serious question. From the moment we meet there should be a connection. It’s important that we are able to be authentic and communicate well with each other. There is so much more to crafting a brand than just making something pretty. There is a connection you should make with the consumer and if we don’t connect, neither will the end result.

Do you know who you are, truly?

Branding is hard, soul-searching work. After all your brand is you. It can be hard trying to navigate through your inner self while running a business. That’s what I’m here for. I’ll be there every step of the way to lead you down the right path. This is an adventure and I’m your trail guide. Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.

You might get a little uncomfortable

When crafting how to express yourself, you’re going to feel uncomfortable and vulnerable at times. That’s imperative to putting the right message out there, inspiring greatness and achieving it. Often there are obstacles, discomfort and even tears along that road. Good thing you’re working with a pioneer in navigating frustration. We’ll stick it out together and make your brand an extension of who you are and what you believe in.


Each process is as unique as you are, but you still need milestone markers on your map to navigate your journey.


Let’s chat about your vision and where you want to go.


Research and strategize the best path to success.


Prepare for the journey by setting milestones and deadlines.


Here comes the fun part, making it all real.


Reflect and appreciate the blood, sweat and tears.


You’ve got all the tools, you know what to do.


Your brand is a reflection of your heart and soul. Together we’ll find the right way to show that to the world.


No one knows your brand like you do, but are you sending the right message? Is the consumer taking away the impression you want them to? A successful brand expresses your company’s unique voice and makes you stand out from the competition.


Good packaging doesn’t have to be expensive. Smart, simple and straightforward will do the trick. While you’re focusing on your product, let me help you get noticed and become a brand that people can believe in.


Do you have a company, product or service? Then trust me, you need good design. A thoughtful identity creates creditability and lasting impressions. Every time you hand out a business card, a flyer or someone visits your website it’s a reflection of your brand and what sets your apart.


Not sure if you’re ready to address your needs? Maybe you’re curious if you even need to. Or maybe you’d just like a professional opinion. Whatever it is, I’m passionate about seeing brands succeed and I want to help. Contact me anytime. Let’s grab a coffee, tea, or a beer. What do you have to lose?!


Premier MMA Clothing

This apparel and accessories brand for the MMA industry believes that your attitude sets you apart from the pack. It’s all about the statement you make. What better way to express that than through your day to day wardrobe. With designs inspired by the martial arts lifestyle and those who live it, DeathStalker Sports lets you sport apparel that makes a statement.

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Give in to the Grin

Pure Bliss Organics felt their brand and packaging wasn’t properly communicating their beliefs and expressing their mission. They want to help fuel a healthy, adventurous and blissful world. With a new look and brand strategy, now they’re communicating their message in a way that connects with consumers.

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The Original Since 1983

Sometimes it’s time for something old to become something new. That’s exactly what Ancient Harvest needed. After a complete rebranding and package reconfiguration, they look like a leader in their category. They don’t stand out in the grocery aisles just because of an old teal box anymore. They standout because of who they are and how they feed the world.

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Let’s grab coffee

If you’re looking for a type of work that you don’t see, shoot me a message and I’ll be in contact within 48 hours.


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