Apparel Design

DeathStalker Sports believes it’s all about the statement you make. That’s what sets you apart from the pack. What better way to express yourself than through your day to day wardrobe. Impactful apparel designs made with the DeathStalker Sports scorpion logo lets you send a message to the world.

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Print Ads

Integrated background checks may not sound terribly exciting, but that doesn’t mean their ads shouldn’t be. Using clean and modern typography with simple imagery, this new style helped SecureSearch gain a new kind of attention.

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Website Design

For a PR company, image is always important and Linhart PR needed a new look for their site. It needed it to be unique and reflective of their company culture. The new site highlights not only the amazing clients they work with, but also brings more recognition to their achievements and who they are throughout the whole site.

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Full Rebranding • Package Design • Product Photography • Collateral • Tradeshow • Website Design

Ancient Harvest is a long standing and trusted brand. After years of living on the shelf with old and outdated packaging, most consumers only recognized Ancient Harvest as “the teal box.” They were missing out on the brand behind the teal. The solution, a full rebranding. The one and only piece of the original design to protect was the infamous teal color. While reintroducing the world to Ancient Harvest, the packaging still needed to be recognizable. Ultimately, their original design was taken to a whole new level. By creating a new structure, setting a proper hierarchy and now FDA approved, Ancient Harvest went from old and outdated to new, modern and fresh.

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Brand Maintenance • Package Design • Collateral

New product developments and line extensions allowed Way Better Snacks the opportunity to evolve their brand standards. They wanted to start targeting a new demographic and simple tweaks were needed to shift their product packaging appeal. Tightening the design and changing the strength of the hierarchy, Way Better Snacks was able to keep their iconic style and personality with a more polished look and feel.

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Branding • Package Design • Product Photography • Collateral

Pure Bliss Organics is a company focused on a lifestyle of bliss and adventure. They felt their brand wasn’t properly communicating who they are. They weren’t reaching the consumers the way they wanted. The new brand and package design grabs their attention. It reminds consumers that you can fuel your lifestyle, whatever it is, with food that’s healthy, delicious and easy to take on your next adventure.

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Package Redesign • Collateral • Tradeshow • Website Design

Angelic Bakehouse was already an established brand, but lacked personality. Their packaging was clean, trusted but ultimately boring. They wanted more. They wanted to show the world who they are, fun, exciting, nutritious and delicious. Maintaining the basics of the original brand identity, the impact needed to be made directly to the package design and within the brand story. A unique personal story was crafted and the package was designed using the new voice of the brand, literally.

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